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Have you heard about emotional starvation?

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Starvation is 

when you suffer

due to lack of food, 

your stomach starts 

swallowing itself 


the cells cry out the pain, 

which you feel 

and eventually 

that hunger swallows

the whole of you.

One can notice 

the physical degradation 

of a starving body, 

when the skin dissolves

in the acidic layer of bones,

leaving the bones bare open, 

and then later 

the same acid dissolves the bones.

Have you heard 

about emotional starvation?

When you are afraid 

to get attached, 

you turn to a stone 

from a magnet, 

you lose your properties.

You need warmth of

someone’s arms 

but you are too afraid 

because it seems 

claustrophobic to you.

You want to cry 

and talk but you fail

to pour words in ears 


you are too afraid 

to portray yourself as weak.

You want to love 

and get loved

but then those 

words you read on heartbreaks

start ringing in your head, 

those scenes of misery, 

you saw in movies 

shake your faith 

and you suck in 

the tiniest hope 

that grew in 

your heart’s chamber.

You want to hold hands,

being caressed 

with warmth 

but you feel 

too fragile 

that one touch might 

scatter you in pieces.

If you think 

you no longer can love, 

or you can no longer 


then come to me as a friend.

I will provide 

food to your soul; 

I will water your dead roots 

and will provide humus too, 

so that you can grow. 

So that we can flower

and spread the love for those 

emotionally starved souls.

Let's help each other,

let's grow together.