15 Craft Hacks for Kids

Children love crafts, whether it is sculpting, drawing or creating something unique. Often, when kids are using their creativity and busy with their crafts, they make a mess in the house. The good news is that you can spend time with your little ones and avoid thinking about any cleanup you will have to do. Let your kids have fun developing their artistic skills and make use of these great craft hacks to keep your house mess-free and also help them improve their craft skills.

Convenient Liquid Paint Storage

Liquid paints are one of the messiest craft items you have to contend with. But you no longer have to worry as there is a neat little idea you can use to store them in. Hand soap dispensers are excellent containers. The paints will not dry up and the little ones can dispense as much as they need whenever they have to paint something. Moreover, these dispensers make it much easier to blend paints.


Rotating Organizer:

 Do you often have pencils, crayons, markers, brushes and paints strewn everywhere? A great idea is to make a rotating organizer for these items. All you have to do to make this simple yet useful organizer is to place several large marbles between two baking pans. All your little artists have to do is rotate the organizer every time they need something.


Cupcake Pan Storage:

 Small loose items like beads, buttons and sequins are difficult to keep in one place – they get strewn everywhere and are difficult to clean up! You can help your little ones keep their craft area neat and tidy and their beads and sequins in one place with a cupcake pan. This makes a convenient storage item for these loose items.


Recycled Watercolour Paints:

 Do you have loads of old and dried up markers? Do not throw them out just yet. They can still be used. Soak these old markers in jars with water and leave them in the jars for a while. The result is light watercolour paints that can still be used for a long time and that your kids will love.


Thumb Smiley


Does your toddler have a difficult time holding scissors properly? A simple trick can help him or her with this problem. All you have to do is draw a smiley face on your little one’s thumb. When he or she uses the scissors in the right way, the face will actually be smiley and you can ensure that his or her hand does not twist in different direction while trying to cut something.


Lint Roller for Glitter:

 Spilled sparkles, glitter and other tiny items are a common occurrence when kids are on a craft project. The problem is that they can be quite difficult to pick up. A helpful idea is to use a lint roller for clothes. This will make picking up spilled glitter, sparkles, etc. much easier.


Glue Caps and Sponge Soak:

You can prevent glue caps from drying by dipping them in a small amount of vegetable oil right after using the glue. This is a neat little trick that will preserve glues. You can prevent your little ones from spilling excess glue by using a wet sponge. All you have to do is pour the glue on the wet sponge and your kids can use the amount they need more easily.


DIY Paintbrushes:

 Artsy kids always need paint brushes. Why spend money when you can make your own at home? Get some clothespins and different materials like crepe paper, scouring pad, cotton ball, felt, loofahs sponge, sponge, foam, muffin liner, burlap, scouring sponge, twine, feather, etc. Simple cut small pieces of these materials and hold them with the clothespins and there you have it – different interesting paintbrushes for your little artist to use!


Air Vent Stamp Storage:

 Stamps can make a mess and also tend to get lot easily. You can store and keep them safe with an old air vent. They are the perfect size for this purpose. Your little ones can store their stamps neatly and make sure that they do not misplace them.


Tic Tac Ribbon Dispensers:

Are you a fan of Tic Tac? If the answer is yes, do not be so quick to throw away the empty containers. They can come in handy for your kids’ arts and craft projects. Tic Tac containers make great little dispensers for ribbons. You do not have to worry about lengths of ribbons everywhere or getting knotted.


Pillbox Container for Beads:

 Get your little ones’ beads, buttons and other tiny items organized with an unused pillbox. They make great containers for these items and useful for keeping them organized. You can separate beads according to their color, shape, size, etc. They not only look neat but really cute too!


Magnets for Pins:

  Does a fallen pin or two often prick you on your foot? Well, say goodbye to this problem. All you have to do is stick two magnets to the bottom of a bowl and there you have it – a magnetized bowl that keeps your kids’ craft pins in place. No more danger of getting feet pricked by pins on the floor!
With these clever hacks, you can help make your kids’ arts and craft time even better. They keep everything neat and organized and also help in improving their skills. Your little ones can have as much fun as they want with their craft projects and you do not have to worry about cleaning up any mess.