House Of Cards

"I still remember the visits, He paid once a week. I used to be so excited, waiting for him, full of glee."

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I still remember the visits,

He paid once a week.

I used to be so excited, 

waiting for him, full of glee.

Back then I was six,

Playful and chaste,

He was my baby sitter 

A brotherly figure I praised.

The last time he visited,

We played an amazing game,

Which back then left me mesmerized,

But later gave me chills.

"Have you ever seen a house of cards?"

He asked me with a bizzare smile.

And as I responded with a no,

He took the deck of cards and scattered it on the tiles.

As he placed me on his lap,

He told me not to move and be quite,

As even a little bit of movement,

Would have brought the fragile house down.

As he slowly made me place the cards,

One after the other, to complete the game,

I felt his hand slither beneath my frock, Making me shake.

"Hush!!!!", He said,

"This is how its played,

Dont move my dear, just stay still,

Or else you'll lose the game.

In my mind I trembled,

Not once did I react or shriek,

All my innocent soul wanted was to build the deck high with ease.

The next thing I saw,

Was the house of cards collapse,

As my raging mother pulled me up,

While he ran off never looking back.

10 years have passed,

Its been a few years since I realized,

That in reality it was a day,

That left me scarred for life.

Even now I have nightmares,

Of monsters shredding me alive,

I see the house of cards disassembling infront of me, 

Everytime I close my eyes.