3 delicious bake-fasts that will make your day!


Today’s ever-racing lifestyle has made it increasingly difficult for us to keep up with our health. However, do you know that about 80% of a person’s health depends on his/her diet and the remaining 20% is about a physical workout?

We surely would not like to interfere in your relationship with your couch. So, here are some delicious baked breakfasts to keep your health in check.


French tartines

Okay, okay. Don’t get all worked up. Tartine is a French word for open-faced sandwiches. Apply a healthy spread such as almond butter or some olive oil on a slice of bread and top it with some veggies. Bake it for a bit and your healthy breakfast toast is ready.


Baked vegetable nuggets

Who doesn’t like some nicely fried cutlets? Hold on! Fried food doesn’t really make the best ‘healthy’ breakfast, but what if we tell you that you can enjoy the indulgence of veggie nuggets minus the oil? Enter baked vegetable nuggets. Well sure, the Maillard reaction will catch up late with this, but don’t fret because it will surely catch up. You can eat them as is and also use them for rolls and sandwiches.


From poached to scrambled and everything in between, eggs are a versatile breakfast item with just so many possible variants. For a healthy egg breakfast, crack open some eggs, spice them the way you want to, and finally bake them. This by the way, will get your protein intake climbing.

Now you know what to eat when you’re craving a yum breakfast but don’t want to compromise on your health!


Cox and kings