" You made me walkon the beds of grassand I could deeply feelthe soft caress"

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You made me walk

 on the beds of grass

 and I could deeply feel

 the soft caress

 the touch of Midas 

You made me walk

 on stretches of sand

 and I became firm enough

 to face storm

 honed my abilities to withstand

 You made me walk

 on road. ..full of stones

 I groaned in pain

 my gentle feet bled

 the entire path got stained

 yet.. I tried to smile

 and did not complain

 as i have learnt of late

 to elicit pleasure

 out of strain

You helped me walk

on the waves of time

to make me realise

the subtleties of rhyme

the nuances of ebb and flow..

appreciate moments 

both high paced and slow

You have blessed me 

to perceive things

as they are 

to tame thoughts and emotions

adopt compassion and care

Now welled up tears

shall follow

their usual path

as a mark of  acknowledgement

and my guarded silence

shall validate

my reverence and gratefulness.