Yoga relaxes mind and body

Yoga means many things to many people and it not only strengthens your core and lower body, but also works on your mind, giving you peace and relaxation, especially if your job is hectic. That’s exactly why developer Sahil Popli decided to take up yoga and here’s his story.

How long you have been practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga in my school time, at around 2009, but it was not systematic nor was I consistent. From mid-2015, I have been practicing it regularly.

How did you get started? What was your inspiration?
It started from Baba Ramdev camps to a book called “Management Mantras” by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar I got to know about Sudarshan Kriya (A breathing exercise) then I joined Art of Living group. From then I am practicing it on a weekly basis along with yoga.

What type of yoga do you practice?
I start with a Surya Namaskar and end with the shirshasana (headstand). I do Padma Sadhana which consists of 17 special yog mudras. It takes somewhere around 18-20 minutes, I do this 5 times a week. Along with Sudarshan Kriya it takes around 45 minutes which I do weekly. Along with that I practice a few breathing exercises. Also I do Sehaj Samadhi (deep meditation) it takes around 1-2 hour as you don’t know about the time while doing that, so I practice it once in 2 months.

What does yoga mean to you?
Yoga is a heavy term and is a vast subject, but in my opinion, it is a technique which relaxes your mind and body. It keeps you energetic throughout the day. It also builds inner belief and self-confidence, and it helps in increase the quality of your work and thinking process.

How has yoga helped you in life?
The best thing I got from this is a healthy mind without anger, stress and other negative thoughts in daily life. Also I haven’t had to take a single medicine for the past few years. I guess it is worth doing yoga for people like me – in the technology field – to remain healthy from mind and body. And yes, I also got a chance to meet Baba Ramdev, PM Narendra Modi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Goa CM Laxmikant Parsekar while doing yoga at various events.

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