15 Phenomenal Water Destinations Across the World

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”, Remember the time when Dory gave this precious advice in Finding Nemo. Well, for someone who just loves a ‘Wet Appetite’ this is certainly the mantra of life.

There is nothing more pleasurable than swimming in vast blue, roaring with the wild waves, unraveling the mysteries of the underwater world!

Dive into some of the most colorful,secluded natural pools around the world. After all, there is always a little extra waiting to spice up your ordinary life. Get ready for a sitting-on the edge experience as we take you through some unknown-unaware underwater spots all over the world. From sharks to gypsies,these waters have it all!


Float midair in Bodrum Turkey


Image Source: chat.It

The water in the Bodrum Turkey is so clear that you might get confused thinking that ships are actually flying in the air. Just like Luke’s speeder from Star Wars, Bodrum has been enticing sailors from all over the world to indulge in an experience of ‘Flying-in-the-water’.
Things to look forward to: ’Floating Beach Club’; a perfect destination for party lovers. With International Dj’s, drinks, water sports…get ready to shake your leg.


See underwater parks in Gruner See


Image Source: likefotos

Imagine swimming through your favorite jogging track…weird, right? No, we are not explaining a flood scene but a patch of land in Austria that evolves as an underwater adventure in summers. Guarded by towering mountain ranges from all sides,’Gruner See or Green Lake’ is actually the snow from these hills that melts and wraps over the park beneath.
Things to look forward to: A hiking trail to Hochschwab Mountains in winters and a perfect diving destination with the onset of spring.


Experience different shades of blue in Lake Marjorie California


Image Source: cara-daftar

Lake Marjorie in California resembles a canvas that has blue and green color spilt over! If you think it’s an exaggeration then you have to see it to believe it. Surrounded by Crater Mountain in the North with Pinchot Pass to the South, the intensity and variations of blue color of Lake Marjorie depends solely on the reflection of the sky.
Things to look forward to: John Muir Trail, a little known hike that leads to Pinchot Pass situated at a soaring height of around 12,130ft.


Become shark bait in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Brace yourself for a close shark encounter! Isla Guadalupe in Mexico is the world’s best white shark diving destination. Certainly this sport is for people with a strong heart; divers are descended in a submersible cage below the water surrounded by hungry sharks banging on the iron cage. A memory you really don’t wish to recall that often!
Things to look forward to: Blue Lagoon and Pointe des Chateaux, amazing getaways for some less terrific water sports and sightseeing.


Swim with sea gypsies in Belo sur Mer, Madagascar


Image Source: factaholics

A beautiful tiny coastal hamlet of Vezo fishermen at Morondava, Belo Sur Mer, welcomes visitors with a stunning coastline and sandy beaches. The locals here are known for maintaining the validity of their ancestral way of life. It’s a pleasure to watch the natives still living here in an ancient era… happily cut off from the present technology driven madness.
Things to look forward to: While in Madagascar, indulge in amazing diving excursions at Ecolodge du Menabe


Feel like James Bond in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Versazsca Valley, a narrow valley located in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland in Ticino, provides visitors with the vast amount of thrill and pleasure. Celebrate your ‘Fan-ism’ for James Bond movie, while touring through this valley. The stunning emerald colored water gives this place a fictional aura.
Things to look forward to: Enthrall in a bungee jumping experience just like Mr. Bond in Golden Eye. You can select from various activities like diving and hiking.


Explore Ice caves in Olkhon Island Russia


Image Source: imgur

Some of us are aware with the size of Baikal Lake in Russia and for those who are not, then you have a chance of knowing now; Baikal Lake is a natural reservoir that contains one-fifth of the water found in all lakes and rivers on this planet.Well, the cat is still not out of the bag, as for five months in winters, this lake is completely frozen.A favorite spot for ardent photographers, it requires a brave heart to visit this place in winters. Beautiful ice caves is the major attraction spot during this time.
Things to look forward to: A common stop in the route of Trans-Siberian railway, where one can even drive over the frozen lake.


Swim in the sea through waters of Corfu, Greece

Corfu Island is certainly like Hugh Hefner when it comes to rich and sexy variety of beaches. One can easily chose whether to relax on white sands or pebbles surface. The clear waters of all the beaches is the icing on the cake! Shallow, crystal clear waters gives a feeling of standing in infinity !
Things to look forward to: Snorkeling in the ‘blue flag’ awarded waters of Corfu beaches

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Drink from the waters of Rio Azul, Argentina


Image Source: staticflickr

The Futaleufu River rising from the glaciers in northern Patagonia is one of the extremely cold rivers in the region. Originating from the glaciers, the water is fit for drinking, it is this tasty water and cool climate of this region that makes El Boson people so happy. Known for their ‘hippie style’ the locals here certainly know how to make it large.
Things to look forward to: A lesser acclaimed but amazingly beautiful Patagonia Trek


Learn real geography at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When it comes to natural wonders, Australia is definitely one proud nation. Great Barrier Reef needs no introduction, the world’s largest coral reefs and picturesque beaches makes this place the top most desire in everybody’s bucket list. Larger than great wall of China this enormous wonder of nature can even be viewed from space. What more reasons do you need to visit Australia?
Things to look forward to: Snorkel through Magnetic Island, an air ride to Heart reef and adore turtles at Townsville Reef Aquarium.


Go cold water diving in Antarctica


Image Source: wallpapersonview

Visiting Antarctica is an adventure on its own, but for some dare-devils this isn’t enough? Dive into the nerve chilling waters of Antarctica! Owing to the extreme cold water and harsh weather conditions, this activity is no doubt for professional or ardent adventurists. Every dive leads you to new and completely unexplored underwater spots.
Things to look forward to: Witness and adore penguins, Kayaking & Camping


Surf through giant waves in Hawaii


Image Source: psycholoogeva

There is much more than just exotic beaches at Hawaii. The birthplace of giant waves surfing, Hawaiian winters are known for huge waves, thus, attracting surfers from all over the world. Watching these surfers encounter, cutting their way through gigantic waves is simply breathtaking.
Things to look forward to: Witness humpback whales, Trekking, Sightseeing


Discover ancient streets and ruins in Pavlopetri


Image Source: cdnhistory

“This is Sparta”,well, Not really! But it is believed that the submerged city in Pavlopetri has ruins of the ancient Sparta as well. While sitting on ashore one would have no idea that beneath the water a whole tale of the ancient wars and life remains submerged. A walk through this sea plunged city is certainly a walk in the time.
Things to look forward to: Plunge in natural rock cut pools at Polylimnia and visit Kalamata cafes during day and music festivals at night.


Be the devil in the Fairy pools of Glen Brittle, Scotland


Image Source: wherecoolthingshappen

There is something so surreal about Scotland, be it the legends, folklores or picturesque backdrops. The Fairy pools of Glen Brittle is yet another example of magical places around the world. The transparent water flowing through nooks and corners is clear enough for anyone to see the mosses and creatures beneath the water. The spine chilling water of these pools is something that you just can’t resist touching.
Things to look forward to: Camping at Glen Brittle at the foot of Black Cuilin Mountains


Experience heaven in Ik Kil Cenote in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula


Image Source: annetrent

Ik kil located in the northern center of the Yucatan Peninsula is about 40m deep cenote. This place is certainly every swimmer’s dream. An open swimming pool located in the lap of nature, with vines dangling down in the water is a fun-filled adventure. There is no better way to celebrate your ‘Adulthood’ then by diving here.
Things to look forward to: Sight seeing


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