The Key to Good Health: Hydration


 Think hydration and most folks assume they need to stay hydrated only during summers. This is not true! Water accounts for around 70% of body weight, and losing even as low as 2% of this water content leads to dehydration. Dehydration is the loss of water and salts that are essential for normal body function. Even a fluid loss of 1-2% can have an adverse effect on physical and mental performance. It is essential we consume enough water every day to stay healthy and hydrated.

 Dehydration can be a common problem owing to the weather conditions especially in places that have a humid climate, year long. Some symptoms of dehydration include thirst, lethargy, and headaches to name a few.

Drinking Right To Improve Hydration

Water plays an important role in our body. It is a medium for all chemical reactions in the body and helps in regulating body temperature. Maintaining hydration provides vitality and flexibility of joints. It also helps maintain the elasticity of the skin.

The best way to avoid dehydration is by drinking a lot of water to replace the loss of fluids through sweating. A normal healthy person needs to drink about 8 glasses (2 litres) of water per day. During very hot weather and while undertaking a vigorous physical activity, this requirement increases as a considerable amount of water is lost through sweat. Around 20% of our daily fluid requirements come from foods we eat; the rest we need to get from water and other healthy beverages. It is recommended that we have eight glasses of water daily, throughout the year, and more during summer. Besides water, one can also inculcate the habit of drinking tea to stay hydrated, especially green tea.

Unsweetened Tea, without milk and sugar, is hydrating and is ranked as the second-most ideal fluid choice for hydration after water. Being a zero calorie drink when prepared without milk and sugar, Green Tea is 99.5% water and can be consumed regularly as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle as well. Each cup of green tea hydrates you and helps in removing waste from the body. You can also include water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay hydrated.

Follow these lifestyle habits religiously and don’t wait for your body to signal that it’s running low on fluids.

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