How to eat to beat high blood sugar

Moderation is key holds true for all including people who are diabetic. There is no specific diet plan or pattern for Diabetes. It’s the small changes that you make with foods that will in turn help you normalize the blood sugar.

Here are few pointers for you to take note of

  • Have small and frequent meals: Having small meals will control the sugar spikes. Long gaps between meals can increase as well as drop the sugar. Long gaps also leach out energy and makes you tired. Having 4-5 small meals with balanced carbohydrates helps managing sugar well.
  • Choose the right carbs: All the grains have carb, be it potato or oats, it’s the quality which matters. Opting for carbs allowing slow release of sugar are best to choose. Carbs with high fiber content like whole wheat flour, Jowar, Ragi, Oats can help control sugar as it will release the sugar slowly and control blood sugar not showing those spikes.
  • Avoid processed foods: We all know refined foods; packaged foods are not that great for our health. With diabetes, it affects the blood sugar directly. The refined food gets absorbed very easily as it lacks fiber and can help increase sugar. Always add lots of vegetables or protein rich food if you have to have a packaged food and portion control always works for best results.
  • Add more proteins: Protein rich food are not readily available to raise blood sugar. You will see the positive impact on blood sugar once you add protein foods with every meal. Having more sprouts salad, paneer bites, curd raita fills you up as well as stabilizes sugar
  • Include Fiber: Fiber plays an important role in digestion of food. Fiber not only delays sugar absorption but also binds cholesterol and reduces the risk of obesity, heart ailments. Don’t think twice add those raw salads, soups to major meals.
  • Cut down fat: There is nothing wrong if the fat is coming from right source. All vegetable fats from avocado, seeds, nuts like peanuts, almonds, home- made ghee are all good to go. Just make sure it is in moderation. Good fat helps you manage weight which has direct relation with sugar control and in a way also helps release sugar slowly as fat takes time to digest.
  • Exercise: How much ever you control over food but if the muscles are moving you get to see the best results. Just a 40-minute brisk walking increases blood circulation, manages weight and fat metabolism. Every 5% reduction in weight has positive result with diabetes, heart health and overall wellbeing.
  • Cut out the refined sugar: Aim to have as less sugar as possible. Direct form of sugar results in major spikes. Cutting on refined sugar, cadies, cakes, pastries definitely gets the sugar high and it stays for 3 months as the blood RBC is made every 3 months. High HbA1c is associated with long term complication. It is best to try and keep the HbA1c in control by having a good portion control with right choice of food.


Don’t fall for that diabetes friendly, sugar free products. Just choose from the natural foods available to have desirable blood sugars. It’s not as difficult just a few choices that will make you feel better and keep you in best of health.

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