"From distance, I saw movement of his lips, eyes shut, knelt on the rough patch of earth"

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From distance, I saw 

movement of his lips, 

eyes shut, 

knelt on the rough patch of earth,

and then I read 

whispers of prayers flowing 

with the moving breeze, 

brushing past me,

making my hair raise on tips.

That was the strength of prayer

or of the Almighty, he knelt before,

I felt it like I was drenched with it.

Every inch of my soul was

dipped in emotions,

as if I jumped into a still ocean,

and then when I opened my eyes

I was floating, but

not on the surface of the water,

I was floating somewhere 

in between the surface and the bottom.

I felt like I turned into 

a mermaid.

Then I heard a sharp tune,

coming from behind,

tune produced by 

strings and bamboo skin,

I saw the man giving birth

to new melodies with his 

bare fingers.

I stood there crying,

like he was singing on my behalf,

there were no words,

but I could feel my lips trembling.

He was accompanying words,

like they were universal.

But aren't all heart breaks the same?

I hear them and attach 

my lose threads of emotions,

Finding a companion in those verses,

narrating my story through them

conveying the unspoken words.

Who would listen to them anyway,

aren't we all dealing with

our own heartbreaks?

We all are arrested by our own emotions,

chained with the chains of aloneness,

we are not lonely but at times,

we long for someone’s touch,

someone’s attention and someone’ care.

Deep down we are all the same with

different masks on.

we crave for an ear to hear us,

our cries and laughter.

We crave for an eye to see us,

in our vulnerable self.

I think that’s why

we get carried away by someone’s tune

or someone’s prayers as if they are 

imitating our inner self effortlessly.